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Topic: Priceless
Scripture: Matthew 13:44-46
Speaker: Bro. Alex Cobb

April 22, 2001

If you had a large amount of money to invest and you had to choose between a diversified portfolio or one stock, the decision would be claer: play it safe, diversify. Unfortunately, this decision, which makes great sense in the financial world, is not only nonsense in regards to our life overall, but it is also fatal to ourlives overall. The parables of the hidden treasure and the pearl are in the Bible specifically to tell us one truth - that to possess Christ is the only thing that matters. Possessing Christ in our lives is the only investment worth making, it is the only investment we should make, and it is the only investment we need desperately to make.

To possess Christ in our lives, we must first discover Him. What is amazing about these two parables is that the two people found the treasure in such different ways. For the first person, finding treasure was the last thing on His mind, yet he found it. The second person had been intently searching for the treasure and finally found it. All of you reading this sermon summary have discovered Christ to some extent, through one means or another. Finding Jesus is very important, but it is not enough.

The second step in possessing Christ is the identify His value for your life. The two men in these parables saw immediately that the treasure was immensely valuable. Do you know how precious is the treasure found in Jesus? Through Christ's death and resurrection, we can now have a right relationship with God leading to eternal life! Nothing else compares to this great gift. Nothing! If you have only discovered Christ, will you commit yourself to examining how valuable His gift to you is?

The final key to possessing Christ in your life is to be willing to give up everything to receive Him. The two men in the parables immediately, joyfully gave up everything they had to possess the treasure. They could do this because they knew that what they had did not compare to the treasure they had found. Receiving Christ into our lives may cause us to give up everything else this world offers, but the fortune we receive in return is far greater than the cost. Have you received Christ into your life? If so, does He remain the greatest treasure in your life? In Matthew 13, we learn much about the Kingdom of God, but in these verses we realize that entering into the Kingdom of God is the only thing that matters. Possessing Christ and hearing Him say to us, "Well done, good and faithful servant, enter into My Father's Kingdom," that alone is priceless.